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Select ---Open talent selection mechanism.

The current standard of social evaluation of talent is almost concentrated expression in the pursuit of education and degree, the objective will be a considerable part of the innovative capacity of people excluded, this simple to education (degree)-based personnel evaluation system is not conducive to innovation the growth of talent. Long River for the majority of personnel to provide competency-based business atmosphere; build dynamic mechanism conducive to innovation. So creative talent and innovation by organizations get real progress in the company's development process to obtain their satisfaction.

Use ---Rewards and punishment of personnel incentives.

Award and punishment is an integral part of the incentive system. Prize must be punished bad excellent combination, can really play a motivational and creative role. Therefore, the appropriate punishment in improving long-Chuan measures, increase the intensity of the talents of award. Spiritual from the material rewards, and many other detailed standards and content, and strengthen human resources at work.

Train  ---Increasing the value of the personnel training system.

Knowledge and information society development makes the update cycle is accelerating, for the people to maintain strong vitality and development potential of innovation, and establish a good continuing education and training system, which includes career planning, internal training, foreign exchange, full-time learning.

Stay ---Scientific and effective personnel evaluation mechanisms.

In the evaluation of talent, demand perfection of psychological bias aside, the characteristics and shortcomings of the human distinction between a just, fair and objective attitude towards the evaluation of each employee. The loving heart, only the amount of capacity, employing the combination of intellectual, scientific and technological talent to come to the fore long River to create a good environment.

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